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Free Demo

Try out RealGirls Strip Poker with Laura (from Opponent Pack #1) as your opponent. Make her lose $100 and she'll remove an article of clothing.

View system requirements here.

This Demo contains:
  • One opponent (full version contains four opponents)
  • One party toy (full version contains four toys)
  • Demo will end when Laura removes one article of clothing (you didn't expect us to give away the best parts, did you?) Full version has the girls playing until they've removed all their clothes and are completely nude.



QuickTime Required
In order to play the demo, you must have QuickTime installed on your machine. QuickTime adds multimedia capabilities to your PC or Mac, and is utilized by RGSP to display video. Download QuickTime.

Please note: If the QuickTime installer asks to "Choose Installation Type", be sure to select "Full" or "Recommended". Do NOT select "Minimal" as this will not install the proper video protocols for the video in RealGirls Strip Poker.


RealGirls Strip Poker Demo links:

Click one of the following links to begin your download. Be sure to select proper platform (PC or Mac). The demo (and full game) is English-Only.

RGSP Demo for PC (Windows) Installer (14MB)


More links available at Gamer's Hell.

RGSP Demo for Macintosh

RGSP Demo for Mac OS X

RGSP Demo for Classic Mac (OS 7-9)


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